Written by Angela Andonopoulos for Synergy.

How do we give a solid assurance of value to our clients? In terms of offering the best value, we endeavour to remain a cut above other building companies by providing a few extra guarantees that position us to well exceed the baseline of what is expected within the industry. 

For starters, we believe in maintaining complete transparency. When it comes to project costing, we show full transparency so that all costs including preliminaries and the margin are always completely visible. This provides the client with confidence that they are getting a fair deal and good value for money. This also goes a long way towards reshaping the culture of our industry where a common concern for clients has too often been that they can be taken advantage of by builders who are more focused on profits than providing value for their clients. 

We also add value to our projects through our highly detailed and carefully considered review process. We seek to identify any risks in a project at the beginning of its life cycle. By reviewing project risks during the tender stage, we are better able to identify these risks and suggest measures to mitigate them as part of our tender submission. It is imperative that we can demonstrate to our client that we have carefully reviewed their project to identify any potential issues or concerns, and that we propose effective ways in which we can proactively manage them. 

Transparency and value are assured by our extremely thorough pricing process. This means that we do not do “prefab” pricing. We don’t offer any standard square metre rates. To ensure accuracy and optimum value, we organise multiple quotes and negotiate from there. This allows us to offer very competitive pricing and also leads to less variations than other companies. Our price estimating also has multiple points of review with a hands-on approach from our directors, with collaboration and strong communication within our experienced team as the driving force for ensuring positive outcomes for our clients. 

Synergy Construction is able to leverage the steel fabrication division of our company to add even more value to our projects when it comes to steel costs. The steel side of the business allows us to deliver cost effective steel packages and also allows us to deliver bespoke design and finishes to fulfil individualised client requests. Our engineering division allows us to be ultra competitive in the industrial sector with regards to mezzanine construction. 

We aim to exceed base industry standards in regards to the value and assurances we can offer our clients and believe that by offering a 24 month defect/warranty period, we are setting a strong precedent that builders should readily back the quality of their work. This separates us from other builders, given that the industry standard most commonly offered is 12 months. We take great pride in the high standard of our quality control processes, making us confident enough to back our product for double the industry standard.

Last but not least, we back the integrity of our tendering process by offering a No Variation guarantee for non client driven changes or omissions. This sets us apart from the standard industry model of charging variations for minor changes that may have been overlooked by the builder. If there is something that has been missed, we will wear it and not pass the cost on to the client. This overcomes the anxiety that many clients experience when unforeseen costs arise and the initial price of the project dramatically inflates well beyond their expectations. We believe in taking responsibility for managing the costs, timeframe, safety and quality standards at every stage of the project, and that by doing so, we pass on unrivalled value to our clients. We genuinely seek to be on the same page as the clients who choose to work with us, just as we seek to create a better culture within the construction industry that offers genuine value grounded in the core principles of consistency,trust, reliability and integrity.