So, what is SYNERGY?

In its essence, the word “synergy” is a noun that suggests cooperation and collaboration. It is no accident that this is the word that we decided upon to underpin our core values as a company. It could be easily dismissed as just another professional sounding buzz word that we landed on to make us sound more dynamic. This would be a mistaken assumption, given that there is nothing that we pride ourselves on more than our collective abilities to bring people and organizations together. We believe that in synergistic partnership with others, we are all capable of becoming greater and achieving far greater outcomes as both an organization and an industry. Put simply, working together and helping each other is what we do. By supporting each other and making use of the resources and skill sets at our disposal, we learn and achieve more than any one of us could individually. Teamwork depends on communication so we don’t just assume, we communicate!


Strengthening partnerships with clients and other industry leaders cannot be achieved without effective communication. We want all stakeholders in our projects to be on the same page, sharing the same vision. We believe that this aim is possible as we take pride in our ability to engage with our clients at every stage of a project’s life cycle. Pride in our brand, our people and our vision drives us to prioritise clear and timely communication, taking the guesswork and anxiety out of the process. Solid partnerships depend on consistency, trust, reliability and integrity, ideals that we continually hold as synonymous with the Synergy brand. Above all, cultivating a culture of respect for each other, our industry partners and for our clients, means that our actions will always be principled and intentionally driven by goodwill.  


Our management team shares in this attitude of cooperation and collaboration, bringing together knowledge from diverse backgrounds and industry experience. Yes, we hold each other accountable and dependable to deliver the best in everything we do. Our collective purpose is guided by the desire to produce quality results, every time. But, what we also seek to do is help each other to develop and improve, in a culture that nurtures the sharing of ideas and the fostering of positivity. A happy and united team is a productive and motivated team, inspired to work together to achieve success. 


Success can mean many different things to different people. For us, success means finding acceptance in adversity. It means rising to the challenge and exceeding expectations. It means being ambitious and purposeful in our ongoing pursuit of excellence, aiming for positive growth under the common ethos of intentional industry leadership. For us, “synergy” is not just a buzzword or catch phrase — it is the distillation of our highest purpose as professionals working to better ourselves and our industry. It is a set of values that underpin everything we do as individuals, as a team and as a company. Synergy. Alliance. Coaction. Teamwork. Feel free to hold us to our word.